Custom Butchering and Mobile Slaughter
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Stratton’s Custom Meats

Mobile slaughter services for your convenience.

At Stratton’s Custom Meats, we process domestic animals such as Beef, Pigs, Sheep, & Goats. All domestic animals are slaughtered at the customer’s site using our mobile slaughter truck or you can slaughter yourself and bring the carcass to our local meat processing facility.

If the customer chooses to have us do the slaughter then the customer is responsible for site cleanup and disposal of the animals remains.

We then bring the carcass back to our meat processing facility where it is weighed and tagged with the customer’s name and put in our walk in coolers until it is ready for processing. After processing every piece is scraped, vacuum packaged, labeled, frozen and boxed.

Stratton's Custom Meats, mobile slaughter service and local meat processing

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