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Stratton offers portable slaughter at your location for your convenience.

Greg Stratton stands next to the sign of his new business, Stratton’s Custom Meats & Smokehouse, LLC, located in Hoosick Falls, NY. However, his portable slaughter truck brings him into Columbia County, where he already has customers and is willing to take on more. (Contributed photo)

By Karrie Allen, HOOSICK FALLS, NY — Portable slaughter is rare, but in this area there are only two people who do it and Greg Stratton is one of them.

Meat processing is not Stratton’s first career, though. In fact, he worked for a welding supply company for 30 years until it was sold. He said he grew tired of the owner, but before he left the company, he set out to learn the trade that would ultimately become a second career for him.

Stratton is originally from Bennington, Vermont, where he was raising his own animals, but between his neighbors and trouble with permits, he decided to move. He bought a small farm in Hoosick Falls, NY which has been nothing but “accommodating,” he said.

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Stratton’s Custom Meats Expanding

Thursday September 1, 2011

HOOSICK FALLS, NY – When Greg Stratton’s friend and butcher mentor Bob Hoffman of Cherry Plain got out of the custom meat business, Stratton bought his equipment and the contents of his shop and stepped up to fill the need.

Stratton’s Custom Meats has been in operation for a year and in the next few weeks Stratton will be completing a 1300 square-foot addition to his shop, allowing for more volume and freezer space. There’s no killing floor, currently, so Stratton drives to the customer in his slaughter truck. He’ll prepare any suitable animal, wild or domestic, hauling it back to his commercial coolers for storage, processing, or aging.

“I decided, I needed a career change,” said Stratton, after 29 years working at Airgas in Bennington, VT. A few years ago, Stratton had built his own small meat shop, and last year he had a conversation with another local butcher shop, Eagle Bridge Custom Meats, who along with Hoffman helped to get Stratton started.

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Eastwick Press

Stratton Expands Custom Butchering Business
September 19, 2011 by Eastwick Press

Stratton's Custom Meats, Local Meat Processing Butcher

Photo by Bea Peterson

by Bea Peterson
Greg Stratton has taken the plunge. What started out as a part-time business last fall has become his full-time job. He has purchased all the necessary equipment, and construction is almost complete on his processing facility next to his home. Stratton does on site slaughtering of farm animals raised for meat, then brings the animals to his Pine Valley Rd. building for custom butchering. He also processes wild animals.

Stratton began advertising last October. “The business was better than I ever dreamed it would be,” he said. He was surprised at the number of people who raised their own meat for the first time. “Some of them won’t do it again,” he said, “some will.” He believes folks are becoming more conscious of what they are eating. His customers also appreciate the fact he will slaughter the animals at their site.

Well Trained
Stratton said he grew up raising animals for food. “My grandfather did it and my father did it,” he said. “It’s part of the life cycle and part of my heritage.” He has been butchering animals for years.

When he decided to go into the business he spent a lot of time with Bob Hoffman of Cherry Plain. Hoffman was in the butchering business for over 20 years. Stratton purchased his truck and all his equipment. Stratton also spent some time in Eagle Bridge with Steve Farrara learning more about cutting and smoking meats.

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