Locally Raised Beef and Pork for Sale

Stratton’s Custom Meats is proud to offer quality locally raised beef and pork sections for sale which we butcher to your specifications. We sell beef by the quarter, half, or whole, and pigs by the half or whole. Please call for market based pricing. All of our meat comes from specific farms who raise their own animals. Mobile slaughtering is done at the farms to reduce stress for the animals.

We do not sell individual cuts of meat, only packages of quarter, half, or whole animals that are custom cut to your specifications.

Beef Butcher


Beef- we sell local pasture raised beef that has been finished on hayledge and corn produced by the farmers themselves. Stratton’s slaughters the cows on site so they are not stressed by being trailered to a slaughter house, this results in better quality meat on your table. The meat is hung, aged and butchered in our own facility. We work with specific local farmers and supply can be limited, call today to reserve your order.

Please use the beef processing cut sheet and indicate whether you’re ordering a quarter, half or whole cow. Deposits are required.


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Pork – pigs are sold by the half and whole animal. Our pork is provided by specific local farmers who raise the animals on grain, not scraps from restaurants and other sources. This results in a cleaner and leaner pig. Stratton’s slaughters the pigs at the farm to reduce stress on the animal, resulting in better quality meat.

Please use the pork processing cut sheet and indicate whether you’re ordering a half or whole pig. Deposits are required.


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Better Tasting Meat

Stratton’s Custom Meats knows the best tasting meats come from animals that have been raised on the best foods and in as stress-free environment as possible. Stratton’s works closely with farmers to help provide you with beef and pork raised in a healthy environment.

Why mobile slaughtering? When animals are rounded up, loaded onto a trailer and trucked sometimes for days between states to feed lots and then butchering facilities the animals are in a strange and stressful environment. Days and sometimes weeks in a stressful environment can cause changes in the flavor of the meat due to stress hormones. Animals quickly and humanely slaughtered at the farm experience none of that resulting in healthier and better tasting meat for you.

Call or email today with questions or for more information.